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Cooking with Backbone and Socket.io 101

by Igor Soarez and João Duarte

September 26th, 9:30 to 17:30

  • Location:

    Work in Marquês (Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 24 - 1º Esq., 2715-311) - Map


    Free, for attendees only


    • Why would you want a Model-View framework on the client?
    • How to use Backbone to structure client side code?
    • Backbone fundamentals
    • Using push notifications with Socket.IO ( The server is alive )
    • Come build a single-page app in one day with us and have a lot of fun.
  • Igor Soarez

    Igor Soarez

    Igor is a Portuguese Software Engineering graduate who works as a Web application developer and mentor, he has also worked simultaneously as a researcher for a European academic project, and is casually hired as a private tutor for struggling programmer academics. You might hear him advocate functional programming, asynchronism, simple design, open source, and the benefits of understanding human nature. Creator of meetoring.com


  • João Duarte

    Joao Duarte

    João is a Software Engineer with a strong academic background in strongly-typed languages. One day he took the red pill and fell in love with JavaScript. This combined with his lack of orientation led him to SAPO.pt to develop the Maps website. Passionate about the web, its standards and user interaction, João is a good guy always looking to make awesome stuff. He likes trains.



by Mikeal Rogers and Daniel Shaw

September 27th, 9:30 to 17:30

  • Location:

    Work in Marquês (Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 24 - 1º Esq., 2715-311) - Map


    Attendees: 200€
    Non-attendees: 300€
    Prices are without fees and VAT


    • Module patterns
    • Callbacks and streams
    • Realtime
    • Scaling node.js

    JavaScript experience is necessary and some Node.js experience is desirable.

  • Mikeal Rogers

    Founder, Gather

    Mikeal Rogers

    Founder at Gather, Node.js contributor, creator of NodeConf, TacoConf and request.


  • Daniel Shaw

    Engineer, Voxer

    Daniel Shaw

    Node.js Engineer at @Voxer. Co-Founder and Partner at @TheNodeFirm. Startup advisor. Developer mentor. Polyglot, skater dude and dad.


JS Client Side Testing

By Adam Christian, Santiago Ordoñez - Sauce Labs

September 27th, 9:30 to 17:30

  • Location:

    Startup Lisboa (Rua da Prata, 80, 2715-311) - Map


    Free, for attendees only


    • Why do automated testing?
    • What is Selenium/WebDriver?
    • How do I get started with a testing setup?
    • What is the best way to use headless browsers to save time in my build?
    • What are the available javascript tools available for doing unit and functional testing?
    • Lessons learned from seeing the development of successful automation stacks.
    • Hands on help and setup
  • Adam Christian

    Javascript Architect at Sauce Labs

    Adam Christian

    Adam started at the Open Source Applications foundation out of college, co-creating the windmill test framework. He then helped create the Mozmill testing tool working with Mozilla, and leading the test automation effort at Slide inc before joining Sauce Labs. He currently focuses on front-end development at Sauce Labs, and works on open source projects like WD.js, jellyfish and se-builder in his free time left over after snowboarding and whiskey tasting.


  • Santiago Ordonez

    Sauce Ninja at Sauce Labs

    Santiago Ordonez

    Sauce Ninja @saucelabs, Selenium project committer, sailor, windsurfer, rookie rock climber, motorcycle junkie. Experienced web applications developer with a test oriented point of view.


Functional Web Application Development with WebSharper

By Adam Granicz

September 26th, 14:00

  • Price:


  • Topics:

    • Learning basic F#
    • F# workflows, pattern matching, and functional concepts
    • What is WebSharper?
    • Getting started with F# web development
    • Sitelets - first-class websites as F# values, safe URLs
    • Formlets - composable, first-class, type-safe web forms
    • Flowlets - modeling form transitions and dependent formlets
    • Pagelets - JavaScript in F#
    • Asynchronous client-server communication and push-based notifications
    • Mobile web applications - developing with HTML5 and JavaScript libraries
    • Developing WebSharper extensions to JavaScript libraries
    • Examples
    • Advanced topics - F# type providers, Q&A
  • Adam Granicz

    Adam Granicz

    Adam Granicz is a long-time F# insider and key community member, and the co-author of four F# books, including Expert F# 3.0 with Don Syme, the designer of the language. His company IntelliFactory specializes in consulting on the most demanding F# projects; shaping the future of the development of F# web, mobile and cloud applications; and developing WebSharper, the most mature web and mobile development framework for F#. You can read his blog, follow him on Twitter at @granicz, or find him on FPish, the largest online functional programming community.



By Markus Leutwyler

September 27th, 14:00 to 18:00

  • Location:

    Hotel Flórida (Rua Duque de Palmela 34, 1250-098) - Map



    Enyo is an open source object-oriented JavaScript framework emphasizing encapsulation and modularity. Enyo contains everything you need to create a fast, scalable and cross-platform mobile or web applications. Enyo powers webOS, and was designed from the beginning to be fast and work great on mobile devices. Enyo runs on almost everything, from phones to tablets to desktop browsers, and you can target Windows Desktop, Chrome App Store and various mobile operating systems. You are developing with Enyo in your well known environment, the Browser and its powerful Developer Tools.

    Come to the Enyo Bootcamp to learn everything you need to know to begin creating cross-platform cross-browser Web applications with this exciting framework

  • Topics:

    • What is EnyoJS?
    • Framework Comparison
    • Explore the Basic Concepts
    • Combine Enyo and PhoneGap
    • Build you first Enyo App
    • The Enyo Community

    Attendees should be somewhat familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to get the biggest benefit. Visit enyojs.com to download the lastest version and be ready to be inspired.

    What to bring:

    • JavaScript editor or IDE of your choice.
    • Modern browser
    • Lastest copy of Enyo (www.enyojs.com)
    • SDK of the mobile platform of your choice (webOS, iOS, Android, Blackberry, WP7)

    To get into the spirit of working with the framework, read about Xtuple's recent experience and be inspired by the ease of Enyo.

  • Markus Leutwyler

    webOS Developer Relations, Hewlett-Packard

    Adam Granicz

    Working for European webOS Developer Relations, Markus is involved with webOS and the Enyo Framework daily. He loves working with other Developers and anything Web, Mobile and Technology related in general. He has a passion for communities, open-source, music and how technology affects our live.


Raspberry Pi

By Nelson Neves

29 de Setembro / September 29th - 11:00/11:40

  • Location/

    Mercado da Ribeira, Av. 24 de Julho - Mapa


    Grátis, para jovens dos 10 aos 16 anos (10 participantes)

    Os participantes receberão um Raspberry Pi (sujeito ao stock disponível)

    O workshop será em português, com suporte em inglês se necessário.


    Free, for young people from 10 to 16 years old (10 openings)

    Attendees will get a Raspberry Pi (subject to availability)

    The workshop will be in Portuguese but there will be English language support if any English speaking attendees are present.

  • Conteúdos:

    • O que é o Raspberry Pi?
    • Setup do hardware básico
    • Explorando o ambiente gráfico LXDE
    • Explorando os jogos pré-instalados
    • Introduzindo o desenvolvimento em Scratch


    • What's Raspberry Pi?
    • Basic hardware setup
    • Exploring the LXDE graphical environment
    • Exploring the pre installed games
    • Introducing development with Scratch
  • Nelson Neves

    Nelson Neves

    O Nelson faz desenvolvimento de software em C++ mas começou a sua carreira como web developer. Além disso, é um entusiasta de micro controladores e de sistemas embebidos com Linux, e tem vindo a promover o uso de web standards junto destas comunidades. Recentemente apaixonou-se por Node.js e acredita que a junçao de Node.js e sistemas embebidos com Linux serão o Arduino para a Internet das Coisas



Workshop Date Attendee Price Non Attendee Price Buy
Cooking with Backbone and Socket.io 101 September 26th, 2012 Free Unavailable Register
Node.js September 27th, 2012 €200.00 + Fee + VAT €300.00 + Fee + VAT Buy
JS Client Side Testing September 27th, 2012 Free Unavailable Register
Functional Web Application Development with WebSharper September 26th, 2012 Cancelled Cancelled
Enyo September 27th, 2012 Free Free Register
Raspberry Pi September 29th, 2012 Free Unavailable Register